Maximillian Kirchoff


I am a multidisciplinary creative, technologist and philosopher. This is a fancy way of saying that I enjoy building cool stuff as much as I enjoy talking about it. My expertise crosses many fields and domains as does my approach to understanding. I am deeply interested in empathy and our relationship to emerging technology, and how this influences our ethics & the future of the human experience.

I live in Austin, TX with my wife and our dog.

I am also red-green colorblind.


My brilliant friend, Isla Murray, and I formed a creative studio called LAMA SIX. We specialize in executing bold, new ideas and developing the brand and visual identities of exciting products. Read about our services and see our work at


I would love to speak at your event. I have spoken on, written about and prepared content on emerging technology for beginners, philosophy & technology, ideation practices, empathy, collaboration and other topics that are great for product groups, entrepreneurs and students. Please contact me for details at


I am no longer pursuing full-time roles working for other companies, but would love to chat if our studio can help. Otherwise, here is my LinkedIn.